Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Easy way to organize Gists into sets

Gist is just quite geeky pastebin but like everybody i like to have all things in one place. That was reason why I've created my first own homepage. The differ from regular repositories with only few things. The biggest one is that you don't have to push changes and merge branches. Also changelog is automatically filled so its perfect for fast snippets.

Here are my gists (UPDATE I moved it to regular github repository)

The thing I did: Gists sorts files in single gist and displays first one. The dot symbol is used for hidden files in Unix and almost guaranties that file with . will appear before any other uploaded files. To feel really eccentric I used Plain Old Documentation but anyone can use GitHub Markdown if wants to.

Anyway it is good question whether gist is good service at all because it not differs much from normal git repository without some features.. 


  1. If you're using Chrome take a look at GistBox (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gistbox/caoihfibgoiiakncomhccbflmlgjaohf) and GistBox Clipper (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gistbox-clipper/cejmhmbmafamjegaebkjhnckhepgmido)

    1. Will it preserve settings on every computer I use?

      Anyway I switched to regular github repository.

  2. Yes, settings are preserved.

    TBH i don't see any advantages of the regular repository. I use gists to share and discuss about particular part of code. Gist may contain more than one file, which would require creating separate folder for each 'gist' in repository. Also collaborating with different people on different gists in single repository seems complicated.